Community help needed as repatriation efforts continue

The Covid-19 Taskforce and its Chairman Lt Governor Talauega Eleasalo Ale ask for the community’s cooperation as they proceed to execute the repatriation program. The repatriation program was discussed at a Task force meeting on […]

Intruder dropped shirt in living room

A 19 year old who’s accused of  breaking into a home in Pavaiai and then managed to get sway when the occupants woke up and saw him, was caught when he dropped his shirt in […]

Swains: One of the last jewels of the planet

A documentary on the history and resources of Swains Island will be shown today at followed by a question and answer session. The film, titled Swains Island – One of the Last Jewels of […]

All public schools will be opened tomorrow

Public schools will hold classes tomorrow, Wednesday, February 24. Director of Education Talauega Dr. Samasoni Asaeli said with the latest weather downgrade, all public schools will be back in session on Wednesday, February 24, 2021. […]

RSS 93KHJ Interviews

  • Su'a Alexander Jennings Promos Swains Island Documentary February 24, 2021
    Rep. Su'a Alex Jennings and other visited 93KHJ to talk about the upcoming special viewing of a 2013 Swain's Island documentary. This is their interview with 93KHJ Samoan Sunrise host John Raynar. The documentary explores the history and resources of Swains Island. It will be shown 2/24/21 at followed by a question and answer […]


Who is to be Held Accountable?

Dear Editor, THE HUNDREDS, YES, count them, HUNDREDS, of American Samoa residents stranded across America imploring their government Not to Open Borders, but only for safe repatriation back home, as well as allow U.S. residents […]