93KHJ Interviews


Summer Programs

Ed Banayat, State Director for US Territories of The Junior State Of America shares with 93KHJ about Summer program opportunities for our youth.  Find out more at jsa.org ...Read more


Swains Referendum

Swains Representative Alex Jennings is the only House Rep who cannot vote on legislation, and after this year’s Constitutional Convention, he has managed to get a referendum on the ballot to ...Read more


October 13 – Rotaract Club of Pago Pago

10/13/22 – John Raynar interviews Lui Lefiti and Pua Tofaeono of the Rotaract Club of Pago Pago about their Swap Meet and Color Run to benefit Rotaract Community Service Projects. ...Read more


October 13 – Pacific Island Fondation

10/13/22 – John Raynar interviews Pacific Island Foundation Founders Ethan Lake & Irene Kane about their upcoming event: “Stars of the Pacific – Opera Gala” that will ...Read more


October 11 – Jazz Fest

10/11/22 – John Raynar interviews Peta Siulepa, Festival Director for the Samoan Jazz & Arts Festival of 2 Samoa’s about her upcoming trip to Portugal where she’ll be representing the ...Read more


October 11 – Mosooi Festival

10/11/22 – John Raynar interviews Gabby Faaiaso, Elisaia Mailo, and Jacinta Mailo about the remainder of the events happening around this year’s Mossoi Festival including a pageant and swap ...Read more


October 11 – Puipui Malu Manatu

10/11/22 – John Raynar interviews Eilieen Tyrell and Tulimalefoi Vaofanua from the American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition about their PuiPui Malu Manatu study that is working towards ...Read more


October 6 – ACE Customer Appreciation Sale

10/6/22 – John Raynar interviews Store Manager Nadine Solofa Taufasau about Neil’s Ace Home Center’s Customer Appreciation Sale- where shoppers can save anywhere from 20 to 40% off on ...Read more


October 6 – ASBA Polynesian Cup Qualifiers

10/6/22 – John Raynar interviews American Samoa Basketball Association Coach Diehl Langkidle and Carl Schuster about the National Team traveling for the  Polynesian Cup Qualifiers November ...Read more


10/5/22 – Lions Club of Pago Pago talk about Lions Park

10/5/22 – Vaitoa Hans Langkilde and Dr. Fred Uhrle speak with John Raynar about the Lions Club of Pago Pago’s origins and role in developing Lions Park in American Samoa. ...Read more