93KHJ Interviews

November 17 – Rotoract – Toy Drive

11/17/21 – John Raynar interviews Rotoract’s Tessa Bridges and Danielle Monroe ahead of the Annual Rotoract Toy Drive happening next month. ...Read more

November 17 – Marist Brothers Alumni – Golf Tournament

11/17/21 – John Raynar interviews Marist Brothers Alumni Chris King and Keith Gebauer about their golf tournament this Saturday- sponsored by SOPAC. ...Read more

November 12 – Immigration – Amnesty Program

11/12/21 – John Raynar interviews Immigration Chief Fagamalama Fuala’au about the Immigration Office’s Amnesty Program. ...Read more

November 10 – World Diabetes Day

11/10/21 – John Raynar interviews Dr. Fred Uhrle from the VA about World Diabetes Day this Sunday, November 14th. ...Read more

October 28 – Natl. Alzheimers Awareness Month

10/28/21 – John Raynar interviews Fatima Langkidle, Christina Lutu Sanchez, and Elinor Lutu-McMoore about the Agency For Better Living Endeavors (ABLE) plans to support this year’s National ...Read more

October 28 – Hawaiian Airlines

10/28/21 – John Raynar interviews Hawaiian Airlines’ Tuli Fruean and Milton Taufaasau about critical information for outbound travelers on Monday’s HAL Flight so you don’t get stuck ...Read more

October 28 – Tisa’s Tattoo Fest

10/28/21 – John Raynar interviews Tisa and Princess about this weekend’s upcoming Tattoo Festival! ...Read more

October 26 – Miss American Samoa Contestants

10/26/21 – John Raynar interviews The 5 Miss American Samoa Contestants vying for this year’s crown ahead of the pageant on Friday November 5th at the Lee Auditorium! ...Read more

October 21 – Tattoo Festival

10/21/21 – John Raynar interviews Tisa Faamuli about the upcoming Tattoo Festival. ...Read more

October 21 – Lymphatic Filariasis

10/21/21 – John Raynar interviews Lynette Scanlan about the Lymphatic Filariasis Tablet Outreach. ...Read more