93KHJ Interviews

October 12 – Emergency Rental Assistance Program

10/12/21 – John Raynar interviews DOC’s Lina Petaia-Suisala, Eileen Iosefo-Ale, and Tapuitea McMullin about their upcoming workshops for the ERAP program that is designed to give renters ...Read more

October 8 – Toddler Reading Program

10/8/21 – The Samoan Sunrise Crew interviews Justin Maga and Lorena See about the new Toddler Reading Program at the Feleti Barstow Public Library. ...Read more

October 8 – New Travel Requirements

10/8/21 – The Samoan Sinrise Crew interviews HAL’s Tuli Fruean and Milton Taufasau about the new travel requirements for outbound flights. ...Read more

October 7 – Pacific Roots Open Mic Showcase

10/7/21 – The Samoan Sunrise Crew interviews Tamiano Gurr and Joey Zodiacal of Pacific Roots Open Mic (PROM) on the 2nd Annual PROM Showcase next Saturday, October 16th. ...Read more

October 6 – Hope House

10/6/21 – The Samoan Sunrise Crew interviews Hope House. ...Read more

September 15 – Interviews – AmSamFam Book Launch

9/15/21 – John Raynar interviews AmSamFam’s Melinda Clayville about her book launch at the Feleti Barstow Public Library the evening of Friday, September 17th! Look for Explore American ...Read more

September 8 – Interviews – DOH Deaf Night

9/8/21 – John Raynar interviews Onolata “Sanna” Meredith-Saleapaga and Helping Hands’ Bethany Toelupe about Deaf Awareness Month and the activities they have planned. Pictured ...Read more

August 31 – Interviews – Talofa Pass

8/31/21 – John Raynar interviews Medicaid Director Sandra King Young and Governor’s Office IT Supervisor Upu Galoia about the Talofa Pass. ...Read more

August 24 – Interviews – Chamber of Commerce

8/24/21 – John Raynar interviews Toa Scanlan and Luisa and Kenn Kuaea about the upcoming Chamber Meeting at the Georgina Building this Wednesday at 5pm. ...Read more

August 9 – Interviews – ASCC – Registration

8/9/21 – John Raynar interviews ASCC’s Peka Leuma and Tafa Tupuola about incentives for students who choose to get vaccinated. ...Read more