93KHJ Interviews

March 26 – Interviews – Balanced Habits

3/26/2021 – John Raynar and Sia Atofau interview Mike and Paula McDonald, Sandra Lutu, and Reinette Thompson from South Pacific Watersports about the results from their new nutrition program: ...Read more

Red Cross

3/4/2021 – Interview with American Samoa’s Red Cross, featuring Red Cross Volunteers: Fatima Langkidle- the Disaster Chairperson, and Lipea Uta Sui- Ops Coordinator.  We discuss Red Cross ...Read more

DOH – Vaccination Sites

3/4/2021 – Interview with Dr. Aifili John Tufa and Dr. Francine Amoa from DOH. They talk about the March 2021 vaccination sites for American Samoa. ...Read more

AYF Championship

3/4/2021 – John and Sia had AYF on the air, featuring Coaches Sa Suluai, Jerett Soliai, and Commisioner Vic Avalos, talking about their upcoming AYF championship. ...Read more

Su’a Alexander Jennings Promos Swains Island Documentary

Rep. Su’a Alex Jennings and other visited 93KHJ to talk about the upcoming special viewing of a 2013 Swain’s Island documentary. This is their interview with 93KHJ Samoan Sunrise host ...Read more