93KHJ Interviews


SFC Faoa & SSG Rani from Hawaii Nat’l Guard

John Raynar talks with National Guard out of Hawaii who are here for the next several days ...Read more


May 8 – Rheumatic Heart Disease Screening

May 8, 2023 – The Department of Health’s Dr. Aiga Sesega and Ruta Ropeti talked with 93KHJ’s Sia Atofau about the upcoming rheumatic heart disease screening clinics in American ...Read more


May 5 – Rotary District Governor Visits American Samoa

May 5th, 2023 – Rotary District Governor Allan Smith and Rotarian Taulapapa Will Sword talk with Sia Atofau and Pauga Joey Cummings on 93KHJ. Smith and his wife Rotarian Sue Smith is visiting ...Read more


May 4 – Lions Club of Pago Pago Golf Tournament

May 4, 2023 – Lions Club of Pago Pago members President Ponita Laussen, Chairman Larry Sanitoa and Immediate Past President Pauga Joey Cummings spoke with Sia Atofau on 93KHJ about the ...Read more



Michael McDonald – DOC Assistant Director Agnes Lamositele – DOC CDBG-DR Project Coordinator Agnes Polu – A.S. Chamber of Commerce Board Member The team promoted the upcoming Atoa ...Read more


DMWR promoting Aquatics Education

Naomi Galea’i Warren Sevaaetasi Maria Vaofanua Christina Samau DMWR in studio to talk about the upcoming Flag Day Fishing Tournament and educational booths April 14-15 at the Malaloa ...Read more


April 3 – Puipui Malu Manatu

4/3/23 – Casuallen Atuatasi and Tulimalefoi Vaofanua visited the 93KHJ’s studios to talk about the Puipui Malu Manatu project. They expressed gratitude to all the participants that ...Read more


March 14 – Women’s Coalition of American Samoa

March 14 – Dr Vaitinasa Salu Hunkin Finau, Dr Salote Aoelua-Fanene, Papali’i Manufou Liaiga Anoa’i, and Luisa Suesue Kuaea talk about DYWA’s Leadership Luncheon put on ...Read more


3/2/23 – Pacific Horizons School

3/2/23 – 93KHJ’s Joey Cummings talks with Pacific Horizons School’s Student Government Association President Daniel Wang and Secretary Sianna Kolone about the upcoming PHS SGA ...Read more


3/1/23 – DMWR

Warren Sevaaetasi and Dimary Ulberb from DWMR provide us with an update on their community outreach ...Read more