93KHJ Interviews

April 9 – Interviews – Fishing Tournament

4/9/2021 – John Raynar interviews DMWR Director Taotasi Archie Soliai and Latu Kupu about the Flag Day Fishing Tournament on April 16th. ...Read more

April 8 – Interviews – RISE Talent Show

4/8/2021 – John Raynar interviews Chris Thunken from RISE Samoa about their upcoming talent show on Friday, April 16th at the Lee Auditorium and their forthcoming internet workshops. ...Read more

April 7 – Interviews – Suicide Hotline

4/7/2021 – John interviews Sherry Ho-Chee, Miss American Samoa Epifania Petelo, and Tu’u Maiava Mafua about a DOH and DHSS partnership that launched the new Sucicide and Mental Health ...Read more

April 7 – Interviews – COVID Vaccine

9/7/2021 – John Raynar interviews Dr. Aifli and Dr. Francine about COVID vaccination sites, dates, and all things COVID-related for the territory. ...Read more

April 1 – Interviews – Suicide Hotline

4/1/2021 – John Raynar interviews Tuumafua Maiava from the DHSS about the National Suicide Hotline for American Samoa. The number is 9-8-8, and is free to call from ASTCA and Blue Sky phones. ...Read more

April 1 – Interviews – Meal with a Mentor

4/1/2021 – John Raynar talks with Finafinau’s Sabrina Suluai Mahuka and Simumu Faaiuaso about their upcoming Meal with a Mentor outreach event designed for high school students across the ...Read more

March 31 – Interviews – Chamber of Commerce

3/31/2021 – John Raynar interviews Ella Gurr of the Chamber Of Commerce about their upcoming mixer for the business community on island. ...Read more

March 30 – Interviews – SSY

3/30/2021 – John Raynar interviews Coach Will Spitzenberg of SSY ahead of their next boot camp. ...Read more

March 30 – Interviews – Collage of Love

3/30/2021 – John Raynar interviews Pastor David Katina about the Collage of Love Good Friday Service. ...Read more

March 29 – Interviews – Morris Scanlan

3/29/2021 – John Raynar interviews Toa from Morris Scanlan Service Station about some of the company’s price increases. ...Read more