93KHJ Interviews


October 6 – ASBA Polynesian Cup Qualifiers

10/6/22 – John Raynar interviews American Samoa Basketball Association Coach Diehl Langkidle and Carl Schuster about the National Team traveling for the  Polynesian Cup Qualifiers November ...Read more


10/5/22 – Lions Club of Pago Pago talk about Lions Park

10/5/22 – Vaitoa Hans Langkilde and Dr. Fred Uhrle speak with John Raynar about the Lions Club of Pago Pago’s origins and role in developing Lions Park in American Samoa. ...Read more


October 3 – Family Fun Beach Day

10/3/22 – To commemorate the opening of Lion’s Park, ASG will be hosting a family beach day for every school student in American Samoa on Friday October 7th that will give each child and ...Read more


October 3 – TBAS MasterCard Debit Card

10/3/22 – John Raynar interviews TBAS’s Owen Peery TBAS’s 4th Quarter MasterCard Debit Card promotion! ...Read more


September 29 – SSY Boot Camp

9/29/22 – John Raynar interviews Coach Will Spitzenberg of SSY about their Bootcamp that kicks off on Monday, October 3rd. ...Read more


September 29 – Faa Samoa Artist Initiative

9/29/22 – John Raynar interviews Mary Anne Bordonaro and Reggie Meredith about the Faa Samoa Artist Initivaive and their recent trip the mainland where they showcased American Samoa’s ...Read more


September 28 – Panamex Pacific

9/28/22 – John Raynar interviews Panamex Pacific’s General Manager Kahleena Ovalles. ...Read more


September 27 – ANZ

9/27/22 – John Raynar interviews Clarke Schaumann and Tasi Scanlon of ANZ’s Management Team who appeared on 93KHJ to reminisce and remind customers to close their ANZ accounts by the end of ...Read more


September 13 – Mosooi Festival of the Arts

9/13/22 – Joey Cummings interviews ABLE (Agency for Better Living Endeavors) representatives Elinor Lutu-McMoore, Ammon Fepuliai and Elisaia Mailo about the upcoming Mosooi Festival of the ...Read more


September 13 – Summit for Mental Health

9/13/22 – Joey Cummings interviews Denise Thomsen and Robert Toelupe about the upcoming Summit for Mental Health Summit to he held September 28th and 29th at the Lee Auditorium. Register ...Read more