Delegation to Pacific Arts Festival leaves June 3


American Samoa’s delegation to the Pacific Arts Festival in Hawaii is scheduled to leave on June 3.

The group numbering about 100 includes a choir, dance group, carvers, siapo and handicraft makers, chefs, painters, photographers, videographers and other artists.

Director of the American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture and Humanities, Fuata Tiumalu Sam Samia, says they will be accommodated at the UH Manoa campus for the festival which will run from June 6 -17th.  The theme for the festival is “Regenerating Oceania” and nearly 30 Pacific countries will be attending.

American Samoa’s choir director is Pati Pati Jr. and the dance instructor for the au siva is Loso Iaulualo.

Fuata said there’s no plan for the group to showcase their performances before they leave for Honolulu.

“We performed for the Flag Day Performing Arts Festival,”  he said.

Lt. Governor Laapui Talauega Eleasalo Ale and Secretary of Samoa Affairs Mauga Tasi Asuega will be the ASG representatives traveling with the delegation.

ASG is funding the trip.