Samoa launches Alcohol Standards Guidelines


Samoa has launched its first Alcohol Standards Guidelines targeting manufacturers and consumers as part of its continuing efforts to foster responsible alcohol consumption and manufacturing.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Customs and Revenue, and Chairman of the Liquor Board Tuala Iosefo Ponifasio detailed the challenges faced by the Alcohol Control Board, particularly the absence of clear guidelines since the implementation of the Alcohol Control Act 2020.

He said the main focus of the Alcohol Standards Guidelines is to provide a guide for the Board in administering the Alcohol Control Act, including its powers on the administrative and enforcement fronts.

“It is also an important document that clearly states the requirements and compliance conditions for all types of alcohol licenses stipulated in the Act.”

He expressed confidence that the guidelines would significantly advance the government’s efforts to tackle alcohol-related violence against women and children.

Tuala urged manufacturers to prioritize quality over quantity, ensure transparent labeling and documentation, and participate in educating consumers about the risks of excessive alcohol consumption.

He said enforcement and compliance agencies were vital to the successful implementation of the guidelines, and assured the agencies would receive the necessary resources and support to uphold the standards effectively.