Amata: CG Cutter in AS shouldn’t be precluded by infrastructure


Permanent basing of a Coast Guard Cutter in American Samoa to deal with illegal Chinese fishing should not be precluded by infrastructure concerns. That from Congresswoman Uifa’atali Amata. KHJ News Washington corr. Matt Kaye reports…

Congresswoman Amata says when it comes to basing a Coast Guard Fast Response Cutter in American Samoa, the threat of illegal fishing by Chinese boats should top infrastructure concerns–

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A 2020 Coast Guard study showed that American Samoa lacked the infrastructure to host a vessel, but Amata had this message for the White House–

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Amata on the Foreign Affairs Committee, says securing fishing rights in the Pacific Remote Islands marine monument is a big part of combating illegal fishing, but US visibility is key on many levels…

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Amata says China’s already made gains with the Solomon Islands’ government, adding “We don’t want more of that.”

But some Pacific Island leaders also fear the recent AUKUS nuclear-powered sub deal with Australia will only heighten tensions with China and destabilize the Pacific.