Territory’s median income in 2019 was $28,352


According to the 2020 Island Areas Censuses Detailed Cross Tabulations for American Samoa released last week, the poverty rate for all people in households for whom poverty status is determined was 54.6% in 2019.

The median income of all households was $28,352.

The data breaks down median income of households based on ethnicity.

With a Samoan householder the median income was $27,680, with a Tongan householder it was $14,345, and for a Filipino householder it was $32,024.

The median income of households with a householder born in American Samoa was $37,490.

Households with a householder age 65 and older had the highest median income ($38,293) of all other age groups.

8% of households with a householder age 65 and over received Nutrition Assistance Plan (NAP) benefits, compared to 14.3% of those with a householder 15 to 24 years old.

Among people age 16 and over in the civilian labor force, 86.8% were employed and 13.2% were unemployed.

The unemployment rate of women was 15.0%, and of men it was 11.7%.

Among workers age 16 and over, 82.7% worked full-time, year-round (35 hours or more a week, 50 to 52 weeks).

Among workers age 16 and over, 61.4% were born outside of American Samoa and 38.6% were born in American Samoa.