Kite Runner Captain reportedly changes statement about logbook


There’s another twist in the saga of the vessel Kite Runner’s trip to Samoa last April.

According to the Chairman of the Senate Select Investigative Committee, Senator Togiola Tulafono, the man who captained the vessel, Faiai Foleni Faiai, now says the boat did not have a log book.

When he testified before the SSIC, Faiai said the Kite Runner had a log book, and information about the trip to Apia was logged in it.

But, according to the Committee Chairman, the captain now says the boat didn’t have a log book; but the information he said he logged about the trip was in another book that he kept, which he gave to another person.

Yesterday, the Committee was to question Letitia Tish Peau regarding the cargo the boat took when it traveled to Samoa last year, as her testimony differed from that of the captain.

Peau said the boat took tiles and other building supplies, but the captain said they took just two cases of chicken and two cases of turkey tails.

The owner of Paramount Builders, Papalii Laulii Alofa also showed up yesterday.

However, because the Senate had two other hearings yesterday morning, the Committee chairman said the witnesses were excused as they had been waiting for a while, and it was way past the scheduled time for the SSIC meeting.

Togiola said they will schedule another hearing with the witnesses, and also recall Captain Faiai to question about the log book.