Governor meets with US Army Corps of Engineers


Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga and key ASG officials held discussions with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Honolulu to address critical infrastructure needs and regulatory challenges the territory faces.

The discussions centered on project delays and permitting issues, partnership, environmental impact assessment and mitigation, government project progress and regulatory streamlining, and flood risk management and funding priorities.

Deliberations were held on the challenges surrounding permit acquisition for seawall projects and strategies to mitigate project delays, particularly in the aftermath of disasters, underscoring the disproportionate impact of climate change on American Samoa.

An outcome of the discussions was establishing a regional team to address regulatory issues.

A press release from the Governor’s Office said, “A commitment was made to streamline policy processes while also exploring opportunities for regulatory efficiency.”

Following the meeting, several action items were agreed upon, including setting up follow-up meetings to discuss individual project assessments, exploring regulatory process efficiencies, and establishing a rhythmic update system between the Army Corps and American Samoa.

Governor Lemanu reiterated the territory’s commitment to working closely with the US Army Corps of Engineers to address infrastructure challenges and to foster sustainable development in American Samoa.