Governor meets with BlueSky owners from Fiji


BlueSky Communications is launching its 5G network in a corporate event at the Lee Auditorium this morning, Thursday.

Several officials from the phone company’s owners in Fiji, Amalgamated Holdings Ltd. are here for the launch, including the chairman of the Bluesky’s Board Jowell Taoi and ATH CEO Ivan Fong.

The officials held discussions with Governor Lemanu, Wednesday.

A press release from the Governor’s Office says the discussions explored opportunities to harness the telecom and technological expertise of ATH for American Samoa’s benefit.

ASG’s Department of Commerce awarded Bluesky $3.35 million in ARPA funds to upgrade to the 5G network.

BlueSky brought down legendary singer and composer Faanana Jerome Grey for the launch and the event today will include demonstrations by Erricson of the latest telecom equipment which includes a robot dog, race car latency simulator, and holographic mini portal.

Customers of BlueSky will view these at the Laufou Store, Friday and Saturday.

At the 5G launch today, KHJ News talked with Director of Technical Operations for BlueSky Aloiamoa Anesi Jr.

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