American Samoa stands under Judgement


Dear People of American Samoa,

I am a man of faith. I rely on my Savior for his truth and support daily. When I arrived in America Samoa, many were surprised at my energy and capacity to work long hours. That ability comes from my devotion to God.

When man once gives his heart to his Master — when his heart is conquered by divine grace, he becomes a servant of God.

Do you know of the labor and zeal of Paul? Why, he never grew weary. He was an ox that never fretted under the yoke. No beating hindered him; no prisons stopped him. He was not afraid of death itself. Paul crossed the boisterous sea; he traversed the equally dangerous land, suffering perils from robbers, from rivers, from wild beasts and from false brethren. He left no work undone. At the close of his career Paul stated, “I have fought a good fight; I have finished my course; I have kept the faith!”

I am not Paul, but I know my divine master. I serve him. Christ has blessed me from peril and slander. He supports me. When Jesus came into my life and put his yoke upon my neck, my work became his work. Through him the mighty works of God have become manifest. Through years of enduring great hardships, I have learned well that “his yoke is easy and his burden is light.” His will is my will.

I am now departed from American Samoa under threat of violence. Even now, wicked and lazy men now conspire in the dark. They spread lies and falsehoods about me. This is not new. Thus, it has always been with those who choose darkness over light, iniquity over righteousness. These are the willful and obstructive actions of those who seek to thwart the will of God.

I was called by God to help you and your neglected hospital. There is immense suffering from treatable disease, preventable disability, and many untimely deaths in American Samoa.

This is not all, there is an additional sickness of wickedness and corruption afflicting your land. Unashamed and firm, I stand as God’s prophetic witness to “wickedness in high places.” I am his voice of warning.

American Samoa will sit under God’s judgement until you demand truth and honesty from your public servants. Those who conspire to hide truth are complicit with evil. They steal your future and “grind the face of the poor”; God will judge them.

Days pass with no reply from the LBJ Board or your Governor. Weeks of silence convicts them of their mischief, lies and corruption. They suppressed the truth in the past. They continue to suppress truth now. To them and to all the people of American Samoa, I plainly state, “God will not be mocked, sin will be punished.”

Your leaders have shamefully cast out a chosen and devoted servant who was sent to you help you. That public rejection is a bold and prideful decision…and you shall receive God’s just reward.

Joseph Shumway
Suspended Chief Medical Officer LBJ Hospital