LBJ Board Chairman on $1,000 payment and new ED


KHJ News sent questions to the Chairman of the LBJ Board, Dr. Malouamaua Tuiolosega, concerning the appointment of Dr. Jean Anderson to a new position titled Executive Director, and also about the board’s decision to pay $1,000 fee for themselves for every additional meeting beyond their monthly meeting.

Our questions about the $1,000 fee:

  • Would you kindly explain the rationale and justification for this additional fee?
  • Would you kindly disclose how many times the board met this month, and how much has been expended on meeting fees for the board?
  • What do you say to critics who say, this is selfish of board members and it sets a precedent for other boards.

Regarding Dr. Anderson’s new position we asked:

  • Why is it necessary to have this position please?
  • What is Dr. Anderson’s compensation and what’s the source of her salary, since it’s not a position on the hospital’s organizational chart?
  • Can you please explain the functions of the Executive Director?

Board Chairman Dr. Tuiolosega sent this response:

“Let it be clear – The Board is doing their duties under the law and NOT micromanaging.

All the anti-board rhetorics out there, the one that is most concerning is:

The noting that the LDS Volunteers/US Medical Specialists, Expatriate Doctors and supporting local Doctors/Specialists, and Dentists are being forced to write favorable letters and sign their names – not only is [it] gossip by immature minds but very demeaning to these highly credentialed Medical Professionals, that they would subject their honorable selves to bulling of a Board? It is absolutely demeaning and shameful for a Samoan-of-culture to be thinking and saying such nonsense.

Yes – our local physicians complaining against the changes thinks themselves entitled to the be the next CMO, CEO, CFO, ND, etc. and yet have no Executive training nor viable experience to do so? The public is very clear on who have been leading LBJ for many years and the results thereof.

The Board is being considerate and tolerating as it is very clear in the Employee Agreement, behavior against LBJ by an employee is unacceptable.

Public media:

In a democratic-republic free society, I understand that the media is to tell the truth [and] nothing but the truth. Understand, also, that included is Justice and that there is ongoing investigations, so most of the evidence is held from public awareness. Please note that we respect the media and per legal stance, enough information was released to update the fact that there is legal process in the making as an update for the community. I don’t think the media’s intention is of the exploitation of the human appetite for social grooming? – I don’t know.

For the ASMCA Board of Governance:

All powers and duties vested to the Medical Center, is the responsibility of the “Governing” Board of Directors, according to the Law.

It is a “Governing” Board and not an “Advisory” Board. O le “Komiti Fa’afoe”, ‘e le ‘o se Komiti Faufautua.

See attached, [and] I think the people needs to read the law and decide for themselves.

For the longest time the Board has been the number-one problem and [was] even cited for many times by CMS – see attached CMS report listing the “Governing Board” 42 CFR; 482.12 as NUMBER ONE in “non-compliance”. I would suggest Talanei or Samoa News post these documents for the public to see, as they are public information.

The decision to compensate an “allowance” is a recent Board decision based on the “massive work” the Board is responsible for that was NOT in accordance to a functional Organization, and MUST be addressed with urgency—e.g., HR, Finance, Maintenance, Support Services, Ancillary, and center to it all – Medical Doctors, Nurses, Patients and their families.

The law only covers quarterly meetings at LEAST ONCE a quarter, and that is the compensation noted.

With the massive responsibility, the Board has no choice but to meet weekly with subcommittees (usually 1 or 2 with an Executive) meeting twice/weekly sometimes more (including Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, etc.).

Realizing the Board also needs accountability of itself, we have started quarterly “Board development & Strategic planning” – the first one I, as Chairman, started, 1st day 4-hours presentations (Friday – see attached PP), 2nd day 4-hours updates from all Heads of Departments (Saturday).

The media is welcome to join in for the 2nd quarter session. It will be good PR for the public to know the updates on problems and solutions on each department of LBJ.

This Board has been doing this active role and not compensated for, since I took over as Chairman, and ever more as the former-Executives, the Board was hopeful but removed for not [performing] their noted credentials true.

There is a big difference between what one claims on paper and what is actually performed in tangible results.

Decision for an Allowance since last mid-March: It’s a Board decision authorized under the Law.

You tell me, public opinion, would you step up to such responsibilities? To brain storm for viable and feasible solutions to make key decisions directly and indirectly, effecting human life for $416.66 – $500.00 a month?

I, as a self-employee, am forgoing lucrative business and committing more time with LBJ. Services as a Provider for Social Security Administration, Veterans Examination Services, disability assessments for our Veterans, International SOS, Tri-Care Overseas out-patient care for Active Military SM’s, Tri-West care for Veterans, not to mention our local community and ASG claims – I am months behind and those I serve knows as I am, now, hard to find open.

Perhaps the public needs to know that I have to borrow my wife’s truck (needs a fixing) to make it to Board meetings, Senate and House subpoenas, etc.; and 2 (two) other Board Directors have to catch a ride, be dropped off, or sometimes catch a Taxi.

Hospital Board Directors in the US averages $80,000.00 yearly in some studies, some even higher at $130,000 yearly.


I have said this to Board Directors and Executives, and I will say it to the public. I am not a politician and, thus, [I] don’t make promises, as what we face are responsibilities that needs actual solutions and not promises.

I lead this Board knowing that the challenges we face are responsibilities to analyze and decode and not promises to yearn for. Under my lead, the need of our hospital will be my responsibility as Chairman to address accordingly. It is a complex statement made, but so is the life of a child, mother, father, etc.

This is my final say on the “Artificial Intimacy” being aired out in the Public, as it seems there are a few leaders in Government who are NOT listening to what the real Medical Professionals serving LBJ are saying, and writing public letters for.

The health and life of the people is not a place for politics, and please follow the law. NO two Directors can be replaced in one year, as their terms are staggered. To appoint 2 Directors to serve 2-year terms, isn’t that against the law?

Thank you,
Malouamaua “Malo” Tuiolosega”