First Medicaid Providers Summit next Monday and Tuesday


The first Medicaid Providers Summit will be held next Monday and Tuesday, at the ASCC Multipurpose Center.

As a Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requirement, the Medicaid Summit will provide information and training for current and potential providers on the Medicaid program. Medicaid staff will present on program integrity developments, benefits and eligibility requirements, and reimbursement methodologies.

Medicaid will also be announcing important developments at the summit, including in 2024 the requirement of all providers to pay a provider fee, the extension of the PHE Disaster Relief SPA, the addition of new payment methods for community clinics, dental, and dialysis.

Medicaid will also announce the new name of the Medicaid program, like MedQuest in Hawaii, MedCal in California and Apple Health in Washington.

Registration is required for attendance. Individuals and businesses interested in becoming Medicaid providers are also encouraged to contact the Medicaid office at 699-4777 to register for the summit. Registration is free.

The Medicaid Summit starts at 8:00AM with a networking breakfast, and the official program starts at 9:00AM through 4:00PM.