Please help an accident victim live

To Whom It May Concern,

On Thursday, June 24, 2021, there was a very serious accident in Pavaiai. An accident had a 16-year female rushed to the hospital for many injuries, including the airbag contact to her face that left bruising. This young lady was unconscious when the accident occurred and later on came to, however, she was also discharged the same day.

The discharging of this young girl is a concern because observation should have happened for at least 24 hours. Possible internal bleeding, head concussion, ear issues, whiplash, and/or many other unknown items would be what one would think needs to be checked before discharging an individual involved in a very serious accident.

The 16-year old was returned to the hospital the following day (6/25/2021) as she was having dizzy spells, sleeping more than anything, and more so seizures, that she has never had before the accident. When the young girl was taken to LBJ she was seen by a different doctor than the one she was seen by on the 24th.

The doctor who saw her on the 25th advised that she doesn’t have anything wrong with her, it’s a side effect of the accident. She was admitted and seen by two other doctors on separate occasions. Every doctor had something different to say about this young girl, however, no actual conclusion can be made because THE MACHINES THAT THEY NEED TO SCAN HER INTERNAL PART(S) IS NOT IN SERVICE.

The parents of this young girl are worried that something else more serious can happen and they don’t have the answers to heal her. They are looking for assistance and guidance in getting this young girl a medivac off-island for further evaluation. Their little girl is now in so much pain and only wants to help her survive the physical trauma as soon as possible. Statements were taken by Substation West and hopefully, a copy will be released to the parents tomorrow or Monday.

The point of this letter or information is to try and help this 16-year old child live.

A Very Concerned Citizen