Campaign Spending Commission Waiting for Reports


Today is the deadline for the four teams that ran for governor and lt governor to resubmit their campaign spending reports with corrections.

Commission Chairman Finauvale Alex Zodiacal said the commission met with the treasurers of all the campaign committees to go over needed corrections to their spending reports.

He said all the issues and concerns raised were discussed and clarified to each of the treasurers.

The reports document all financial contributions received by the campaigns and how the funds were spent.

Final reports for the gubernatorial teams must be filed no later than 4:30pm on the 20th day after the General Election, which is November 23, 2020.

For the House of Representatives election three candidates have yet to submit organizational reports which were due on September 18: Tuika Tuika, Puletuimalo Dick Koko and Vui Florence Saulo.

Three have not submitted a preliminary report which was due on October 23: Tuika Tuika
Vui Florence Saulo and Ape Mike Asifoa.

According to Finauvale only one candidate, Vesiai Poyer Samuelu, has submitted his final spending report which is not due till November 23.

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