LBJ Employee Charged with Criminal Fraud

An employee of the LBJ Hospital has been charged with one count of criminal fraud and one count of offering a false instrument for filing.

Togiimoana Montgomery, an employee of the LBJ Radiology Department is accused of signing a consent form for her boyfriend’s son to be circumcised at the LBJ Hospital and telling the employee processing the paperwork for the procedure she was the boy’s mother.

Court filings say that the woman had made an appointment for her partner ‘s son to be circumcised with her son this past July.

However on the day of the physical exam before the procedure was to take place her partner supposedly couldn’t make it back to the hospital to sign the consent form as he was tending to his other children.

She is alleged to have told the nurse at the Surgical Clinic that she was the boy’s mother and signed the consent form for her partner’s son.

She claims her boyfriend didn’t want to lose the spot for the procedure for his son and asked that she sign it and he would put his own signature to the form later with Medical Records.

The boyfriend, believed to be a police officer, provided a written statement to police that he gave the defendant permission to sign the consent form for his son.

The discrepancy was discovered when the boy’s biological mother made inquiries about the surgery and the form she had to sign, and was told by an employee of the Surgical Clinic that the form has already been signed by Montgomery.

The defendant whose bail was set at $5,000, had her initial appearance in District Court yesterday.

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