COVID-19 Stimulus Talks Back On


On again, off again Covid-stimulus talks are back on. KHJ News Washington DC correspondent Matt Kaye reports

President Trump says talks with Congress have restarted over further COVID-19 relief and that there’s a good chance a deal could be reached, but gave no other details about a possible agreement.

He told Fox Business Network in a telephone interview about talks “Now they are starting to work out,”, after he cut off negotiations hvia a post on Twitter earlier this week.

The talks had been going on for weeks, with the administration and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi some 700-billion dollars apart, and big differences remaining on unemployment, child tax credits, and help for states and cities.

There was agreement on more $1200 checks for individuals, PPP help for businesses and money for Covid treatments and vaccines.

But Pelosi resisted doing a partial deal, until this week when the airlines began major furloughs and pleaded with lawmakers for assistance.

Speaker Pelosi suggested Thursday she might be open to separate help for the airlines and President Trump has also urged a deal to help his reelection chances.

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