Results of Southseas Broadcasting Inc Survey


The results are in for an online survey conducted by South Seas Broadcasting Inc. on issues relating to voter preference, the most important qualities for candidates for governor, the top issues for voters, and how respondents felt about the COVID-19 response, local and off island. There were 166 respondents and no one person was able to answer the survey twice.

When asked what they thought the most important quality the next governor should have was:
– 66% said honesty
– 10% said open-minded
– 8% said fair
– 5% said involved in the community
– 4% said smart
– 4% said good with money
– 3% said business-minded

When asked what the top 5 issues that mattered the most were:
– 84% said that healthcare was one of your top 5 issues
– 83% said education
– 69% said the economy
– 63% said drugs
– 40% said infrastructure
– 30% said immigration
– 27% said the youth
– 26% said the environment
– 22% said taxes
– 14% said the elderly
– 13% said mental health
– 8% said veterans
– 8% said tourism
– 8% said disabilities

When asked how they felt about our borders being closed:
– 77% said they believed that keeping the borders closed was for the good of American Samoa
– 23% said they would have preferred having a choice on the matter

When asked how they felt the U.S. handled the pandemic:
– 59% said that the U.S. could have done a better job
– 41% said they believed the U.S.’s efforts were sufficient

When asked if they were registered to vote in American Samoa:
– 66% said they were registered and on-island.
– 16% said they were registered and off-island
– 14% said they were not registered- with 7% on-island and 7% stuck off-island,
– 4% said they were ineligible to vote in American Samoa.

When asked if they were planning to register:
– 30% of those on-island said yes
– 20% of those off-island said yes

When asked if being related to a candidate would affect how they voted:
– 86% said that it would not
– 8% said that it would
– 6% said that it was complicated

When asked who they were voting for:
– 99% said someone they believed in
– 1% said someone they believed in
(These two options were not mutually exclusive, and we gave the option to choose both)

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