Dr. Ledua leaves territory but will be back

When he was farewelled by the LBJ Hospital before his departure last Tuesday, Dr. Akapusi Ledua said he regarded American Samoa as his home, having worked here longer than he did in his native Fiji…18 years altogether.

The youngest of their four children was bnorn here. During his tenure at LBJ the surgeon has held many leadership positions:Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Staff, Vice Chief of Staff and Chief of Orthopedics.

As the CMO Dr. Ledua organized The first ever medical symposium on island in 2013.

The Ledua family has moved to Anchorage, Alaska. Mrs Ledua who also worked for the LBJ Hospital as a neonatal ICU nurse, took up a job at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital at the beginning of this year.

Before boarding the Hawaiian Air medical charter last Tuesday night, Dr. Ledua said his plan is to return here when the borders reopen and finish the year properly.

He wants to ensure that a program he started of training young American Samoans to take over the orthopedic unit is in place and will continue.

He shared with pride the role he played in securing a study opportunity for Dr. Naseri Aitaoto with the Australia Pacific Islands Orthopedic Association.

Dr. Aitaoto will be completing his studies in February.

Dr. Ledua is also hopeful that after the departure of Dr Edwards, the first LDS missionary that has been seconded to LBJ Hospital, that the program will continue, though this is dependent on the LDS Church.

Dr Ledua has also left his mark in rugby.

As a former natonal rugby player for Fiji he started the Bula Rugby club and helped elevate the sport in the territory with training and coaching clinics.

He was also an active member of the Community Christian Church in Ottoville where he was treasurer and a lay preacher.

Dr. Ledua said he takes many happy memories of American aSamoa with him.

“It’s been an honor and pleasure to serve very nice and respectful people,“ he said. “Our family was welcomed and made a part of the community. This is home. Our youngest was born her and our children were raised and educated here.”

Dr Ledua said he will always look for opportunities to come back and help whenever he’s needed.

For now he will take a break and relax.