Suiga ula part of Utulei Beach is closed

If you’re planning a 4th of July BBQ at the Suiga ula part of Utulei Beach this weekend, it may not happen.

The Department of Parks and Recreation has closed off the section of the beach where the sea wall is under construction.

But the swimming area right next to Sadies by the Sea will be opened.

Parks and Recreation Director Ken Tupua said that they closed off the area where the fales were because of the seawall construction and the beach and ground is littered with nails, and materials from the fales which have been dismantled.

He said this part of the beach park is not safe.

The fales have been taken down because the posts are rotten.

The contractor that’s building the sea wall will erect new fales with concrete posts to replace them.

Only the fale built by Leone village will not be taken down.