Group recommends that some rules relaxed

The group that the governor named to recommend changes for the next coronavirus declaration has met and their report to the governor is being prepared.

Governor Lolo Moliga said the group must submit its recommendations by the next Coronavirus Task Force meeting this Sunday.

The group includes the Acting Attorney General,  Director of Health, LBJ CEO, Chairman of the Coronavirus Task Force, the Director of the VA Clinic and the Chief of Staff.

Task Force Chairman Iulogolgoo Joseph Pereira said, “Yes, the small group appointed by the Governor to synthesize the comments and recommendations received from the membership of the Coronavirus Task Force and the Working Group has met and their report is being prepared for transmission to the Governor for his review and final decision.“

The primary factors which drove the recommendations are:

  • COVID-19 numbers continue to trend upward with some jurisdictions experiencing resurgence after loosening restrictions.
  • American Samoa still does not have a sufficient number of Test-Kits to test our first responders, symptomatic individuals, vulnerable population, asymptomatic persons and for random testing of our population.
  • The Department of Health is still working to improve the integrity of its Contact Tracing Protocol so when we do have a confirmed case it could be effectively deployed to quickly contain the spread before our healthcare system is overwhelmed.
  • Our Healthcare System can be easily over taxed or collapse if and when we do have COVID-19 outbreak.
  • There is still very little we know about the nature of the Coronavirus so the longer we maintain our Coronavirus Free Status we will benefit from the current race to find a vaccine or and effective drug to improve recovery outcomes or to gain immunity from being infected.
  • We still don’t have sufficient quarantine facilities to quarantine travelers into our island or our returning residents.

Iulogologo said the Coronavirus Task Force and Working Group have assessed each of the existing restrictions based on the above factors and are recommending easing of some of the ongoing restrictions.

The governor will make the final decision on the presented recommendations.

KHJ News asked while Hawaiian Air flights will be on hold for another 30 days is there any move to repatriate local residents who are “stuck” in the US? And take back those who are stuck here back to Hawaii and the mainland?

“There have been many requests from residents stranded in the US and US residents who are stranded here at home requesting a special flight to bring them home and return U.S. residents back to the US,” responded Iulogologo.

“The Governor is very sensitive and very sympathetic with their current plight, but the lives of 60,000 residents dwarf the needs of those stranded locally and abroad,” said Iulogologo.

The chairman added, “I know the Governor is not brushing off pleas from our residents stranded in Hawaii, US and Samoa nor is he not constantly thinking of possible ways to bring our residents home without compromising the safety of our residents.”


  1. Lani

    Can we just have a departure flight and NO INCOMING, just when you guys have enough kits and test you need, than do an incoming guys are doing a great job. take the people thats stranded here out first than when you guys are ready and have enough kits than do an Incoming flight, just a thought.
    with all respect,God bless AS

  2. Faith Taylor

    Why not limit flights to one every two weeks. Lower quarantine to 7 to 10 days that is sufficient time for symptoms to show up. For medical individual should show doctor’s discharge and clearance letter to travel. Allowing them to quarantine at their home. It doesn’t hurt to check temperatures and have health questionnaires for all traveling individuals to answers.. Just a few thoughts…Ae pule lava outou.

  3. help

    open flts for outgoing atleast. we have ppl needing medical attention but have been stuck here due to Covid-19 restrictions.

  4. Pleading for consideration

    Can we do two special fights between pago n Hawaii to transport the stranded ones. I came for a faalavelave n now I’m stuck here for three months. Now I’m leave without pay and my family is the states is struggling to make ends meet. At least AmSamoa doesn’t have any confirmed virus which should be a good news for travelers but for states we are traveling to. Faamolemole

  5. Ameto Lemana

    Got a Red Cross message 2 days ago about my mom in ICU. I’m stationed in Alaska and I can’t focus on training and my soldiers and everything cause my mom is in bad condition and it’s really bothering me and I can’t come home cause of the extending shutdown due to Covid 19. Please open the border so I can come home. Faafetai Lava

  6. Perhaps I quit drinking to soon!

    I find outlined primary factors somewhat disturbing:

    Upwards trend? States are re opening, we have no curve and no positive Covid 19 cases. Starkists employs about 2500 people, working in closed areas and we have had not Covid case, they go home interact with 10 people and soforth?? We are trending down, lol! Hawaii reported no new cases couple days ago??

    We do not have enough tests? asymptomatic, symptomatic people: you got to be kidding – we have asymptomatic or symptomatic people here?? How long have we been doing this and how many positive, oh only negative results. First responders? Vulnerable population, aren’t we educated by now, we haven’t learned what States are doing to protect, What works, What does not work….for starters stay home! How many people does it take to screw in a light blub??

    It’s been what 3 plus months, how much more time does DOH need – tracing protocals?? What in the hell have you folks been doing all this time??

    Our Health Care System can be easily over taxed or collapse – again you got to be kidding me, WTF have you been doing for the last 3 plus fu@% months!! We knew this 3, 4, 5 months ago! What have you been doing with Federal $$ sent here to prepare!! Swing/Covid ward, Zero Pressure fu@% tent, Behavioral building?? What have you been doing to prepare us for this demon!! So it’s been all talk?? YOU got to be kidding!!

    Vaccine, medication – so the plan is to stay closed until a vaccine?? Medication, treatment, therapies all over the internet, youtube – have you TF 19 folks been asleep! No plan is perfect! A good plan executed is better then a perfect plan not!

    Quarantine facilities, goodness we have construction going all over Tutuila, all over! Use hotels, Sadies, Airport give these business – business!

    Starkist gets to fly in engineers and they are flown out! Another WTF moment! If you can do this, Lolo, charter a fu@$ flight, only allow returning residents to board and on the return flight allow those visitors struck a way to Hawaii, then they are on their own. How the fu@% hard is that to coordinate!! Lolo you have a Gov office in Hawaii, what are they doing – a simple coordination effort! Plan it at 14 day quarantine flight timelines, so you can quarantine passengers! Use hotels and pay hotels to help out with quarantine! Are we stupid??

    I guess Iu isn’t as smart as you think! Lolo needless to say, I normally give folks the benefit of the doubt! You have failed! You have no plan! Prior to this Pandemic, your legacy was already written – the worst and most corrupted administration ever since we starting electing our own Governor! This performances rates an F!!!!

    Oh POTUS just said Church, Religious Service are ESSENTIAL! Just saw him state he will overrule Governors!! We need to go to hear God’s Words of hope, warmth, strength and more – because we are not getting anything from you and your TF! For every problem there are solutions!!

    Goodness, Thank You for telling us that YOU DO NOT HAVE A PLAN!

    1. TICK TOCK ⏰

      Thank you, couldn’t have said it any better.
      Too much fear mongering, and it’s causing anxiety attacks, mental and emotional distress for others. No sufficient testing, No real knowledge on the virus when the US Task Force, Military and President are doing daily briefings on what is working. No sufficient quarantine facilities? Seriously!? Heard that they are trying to ask villages to have some kind of house or area in villages to use as quarantine facilities when we open up flights. YOU IU AND TASK FORCE THINK WE ARE STUPID! So whose guest house or house are you thinking to utilize and pay with the COVID FUNDS ! You are all evil and only looking out for yourselves!
      TOO MUCH $$$$$ YOU CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT! like the Postrr above said give business to the businesses that have the facilities and help them out so they can stay alive. If The private Sector fails the government fails.
      You should have asked the public and Business Community for their input and share any knowledge and ways the Private Sector can help, even provide services to get through this together calm, happy and safely, while waiting out this virus and restrictions.

    2. Se sole se

      As a scientist in the field, your observation is pretty accurate, Mr/Ms "Perhaps….quit…too soon".

      The selected group consist of only one "scientist", the VA doc. If what’s noted is truly the outcome results with his input, LORDY LORDY is ASG deep in darkness.

      Your ONE Scientist should know the lates spill of data and info on the nature of SARS CoV2 already.

      It’s a 30k nucleotide RNA virus Doctor.

      Please update yourself for the sake of your people….aka my people.

    3. To much time on my hands!

      Agree with you all, understand having Dr. Uhrle and Dr. Saleapaga on this board! What I don’t understand is why DOH or Public Health Director or Physicians left off, aren’t these folks at the forefront??

      Lolo, by now LBJ should have at least 24 beds with ventilators and other required medical stuff already in place and set up, just empty/on stand-by waiting for patients!! You have had almost 4 months of preparation time! Ventilators minus those being in use already!!

  7. Concerned Uso

    Here is what I believe is the ONLY WAY the governor should ALLOWED incoming citizens who were stranded anywhere in the world. 1. EVERYONE WHO IS TRAVELING INTO AM. SAMOA (SHOULD HAVE A 3 DAYS PRIOR DOCTOR’S CERTIFICATE THAT HE/SHE HAS BEEN TESTED FOR THE COVID19 AND PROOF RESULT IS "NEGATIVE"….Let this be the first "inflight" allowed in Am.Samoa for the period of 30 days till the end of june 2020. Then have the "regular incoming flights" REQUIRED WITH NO EXCEPTION TO ALL PASSENGERS COMING INTO THE TERRITORY TO "SHOW PROOF OF COVID19 TEST :NEGATIVE" (BEFORE BOARDING FLIGHT TO AM.SAMOA) AND Hawaiian Air SHOULD FOLLOW THESE STRICT RESTRICTION because we "will not" allow any passenger to leave the plane "without the proof of test" period! I believe that will stop the virus from entering our shores! That should be the RULES for every incoming flights from anywhere in the world…including our neighboring Samoa, and Manu’a too. These includes ships, boats, yachts etc…anything "incoming" from sea, air,…God Bless Am.Samoa!!

    1. Paper, Rock, Scissors?

      Good point, depend on availability of testing. I believe and I could be wrong, the only way to get a test is going to a hospital or doctor’s office displaying Covid 19 symptoms (this is what I am hearing from the State of Hawaii, do not know about the mailand). I also base this on an educated guess, because of whats happening in Hawaii – mandatory 14-day quarantine for arriving tourist. Why not arrive, get a test, then enjoy your vaccination.
      Sorta means they do not have a lot of tests.

      However, once we have ample tests available throughout the U.S.A or Globally, the above is not a bad idea!! Prior to airport check-in, pay $20 (don’t know the cost) for a test at a Covid booth at the airport. Do this until we have a Covid vaccination or FDA approved drugs to kill the virus! No matter what, somebody is going to get rich off of this!

  8. Grateful heart

    …It sounds almost convincing to us all that it is ok to open the borders however, our last choice of opening the borders right away is a matter of life n death….Thank You Hon Gov. Pls keep closing our borders .. My son a college student n Family who flew home from Portland since schools are closed to here on the night the flight was cancelled…unpredictably stucked in Hawaii for as long as we know. .Our prayers is they are safe where they are, we are safe where we are…n the Lord of time n space shall make things come to pass ..the borders will open n they are still safe n sound as we are here today..Ia Mau pea le toovae…tatou talosia aso lelei e vave ona oo mai..God Bless Am.Samoa


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