Governor: Your prayers have given me life


Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga expressed his deep gratitude for all the prayers that had been offered for him and said it was the power of everyone’s prayers that he has regained strength and is able to return to the territory.

His words of thanks were delivered at a prayer service at the Fagaalu Congregational Christian Church this morning.

The governor had lost weight but looked strong and healthy.

And he was jovial. He made fun of the Department of Human & Social Services choir which sang some of the hymns, saying when he left they sounded good but not the singing he heard this morning.

Joking aside, Lolo echoed the sermon of the leader of the prayer service, Rev. Paau Lalomauga about the power of prayer and unwavering faith.

He said that his health was restored not because of his faith, but because of the collective prayers offered by the leaders of churches, the government and the people of American Samoa.

And for that he expressed his gratitude.

The governor said that from the day he was admitted into the hospital till the day he was discharged he never felt any pain. Each day when the doctor asked if anything hurt, his answer was no.

“The doctors may be thinking this is the only patient that comes to the hospital but doesn’t have any pain,” he remarked.

Lolo said that he was in a sedated state for 9 days.

He repeatedly said that it was the prayers of everyone that has given him life. He said sickness is a reminder there’s a limit to one’s life and he advised leaders in his age group to always find time to strengthen their faith and seek mercy from the Lord.

His other advice to the leaders was to listen to their wives on taking care of themselves especially with regards to their diets.

The governor also took the opportunity to thank the Fono leaders, the cabinet and Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga, not only for their prayers but for visiting him off island and for ensuring the government functioned while he was absent.

The Senate President and House Speaker, Mrs. Gail Kruse, Secretary of Samoan Affairs, senators and representatives and all of the cabinet were present.

Several church ministers from different faiths also attended.

Cadets from the Department of Public Safety Police Academy and employees of the Department of Human & Social Services were also present.