Rep. Toeaina Calls for Removal of DOE Divisions

Manu’a Faipule, Rep. Toeaina Faufano Autele, is calling for the removal of several divisions of the Department of Education where some of the most educated professionals are sitting when they should be in the classrooms teaching.

Toeaina, an educator by profession said he read DOE’s 3rd quarter performance report and came across a report of teachers nearing completion of their Masters and Doctorate degrees under the co-hort program.

The Manu’a lawmaker asked where recent graduates who’ve returned home with degrees are placed in.

From his own observation many teachers who’ve gone through the co hort program to obtain higher degree end up in certain offices without much work to do,.

Toeaina suggested that representatives take a close look at the DOE budget and see if it’s feasible to eliminate offices such as Teacher Quality, Community Services and other similar divisions of DOE,.

He said the money that the Fono approves in the budget is intended to pay teachers in the classroom .

He said that money being allocated to operate these offices should be taken away and if they cannot operate without these funding, then those working in these offices may as well retire from their position.

At a hearing today on a different matter with DOE Director Dr. Ruth Matagi Tofiga, Rep. Toeaina raised this subject again .

The Director didn’t have any response for the senior lawmaker.

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