Revenue Task Force Told to Fix Bills First


Members of the ASG Revenue Task Force were advised yesterday they should not rush into making changes and coming up with new taxes but to make sure their proposals are solid.

They were also told that they should have discussed the revenue initiatives with the private sector .

Treasuer Ueligitone Tonumaipea said they met with businesses three times.

KHJ News points out however that the meetings were after the revenue measures were drawn up but as far as consultation before that happened, Chamber officials confirm there was no such meeting.

Rep. Veevalu Meauta Mageo told ASG officials who testified on the bill to do away with the 5% excise tax, change the computation of the beer tax, and tax non carbonated drinks like teas, juice and energy drinks, he doesn’t believe enough time was spent on researching the new bills.

He referred to a statement attributed to a Task Force member that this was a work in progress and they would fix issues as they go along.

The Pago Pago faipule told the team they should fix their proposals before presenting them and emphasized that these taxes will affect the whole territory.

The bill discussed yesterday also provides that second hand vehicles which are imported for personal use and later resold for commercial purposes will be taxed at 15% .

The Chairman of the Budget and Appropriations Committee, Rep. Vailiuama Steve Leasiolagi asked for clarification on this.

Deputy Treasurer and Acting Chief of Customs, Keith Gebauer gave this response

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