Mother Jailed in Samoa for Infanticide Case


A woman has been jailed for ten years for flushing her newborn baby down a toilet in 2015.

Vesi Enele, in her 20s opted to plead guilty to a charge of murder rather than go through a hearing.

Police reports said while visiting friends in Vaiusu, the young mother gave birth to the child then tried to flush the newborn down the toilet more than once,

The Samoa Observer reports that the toilet got clogged flooding the family’s bathroom.

And this is how the infanticide case was discovered.

Although the sentence for murder is life imprisonment, the woman’s attorney Teo Richard Faaiuaso sought a ten year sentence .

Judge Mata Tuatagaloa told the defendant during sentencing her attorney sought the court’s discretion for a ten year sentence so she does not spend the rest of her life in prison.

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