Ex-TSA Employee Escapes Jail Time

A former Transportation Security Administration employee escaped jail time and was placed on probation for six months for making a false declaration to aid her boyfriend so he could board a Hawaiian Air flight despite a stop order in his name.

Cindy Mailo was a TSA employee working at Pago Pago International Airport at the time.

According to the government’s case the defendant had tried to present fake documents so her boyfriend’s name would not pop up on the stop order list, preventing him from leaving the territory.

The boyfriend Johnny Ah Mu was being investigated for stealing from his employer, Polynesian Airlines.

Assistant Attorney General Robert Pickett who prosecuted the case stressed that because of Mailo’s actions her boyfriend was able to leave the territory.

Mailo claimed she was unaware that her boyfriend, who was also the father to her two kids, was on the lookout list and was not allowed to leave the territory.

She said in court today she takes full responsibility for her actions and own “lack of judgment.”

Mailo apologized to the High Court, to her family for tarnishing their good name, and finally to her children whom she said were “all I have, and I am all they have.”

She requested that the court grant her a second chance so she can take care of her kids.

A character witness for the defendant, Bishop Eneliko Kelemete of the Mesepa 2nd Ward described Mailo as a good young lady who has always taken care of her parents and is active in church activities.

Mailo’s attorney Sharron Rancourt told the court the boyfriend was controlling and abusive to her client, and that he left the territory.

Although Mailo has made a mistake, her runaway boyfriend played a huge role in what happened.

The attorney added that her client is remorseful for her actions and she knows it has cost her her career.

Mailo was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment which was suspended and she was placed on six months probation.

She was also ordered to pay a fine of $500 to be paid immediately,

Chief Justice Michael Kruse has ordered Mailo to stay away from the airport departure and boarding area unless she is preparing to leave the territory.

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