What Does It Take to Pay Attention to Special Needs Population?

Parents, educators, service providers and individuals with special needs got to hear what the gubernatorial candidates have in store to accommodate the education, health and social needs of the territory’s special population.

This came at the final forum for the candidates running for governor and lt governor in next month’s general election.

One of the questions was from Josephine Stanley who is confined to a wheelchair because of a birth defect called spina bifida.

She asked the candidates, if elected what will it take for you as a governor to realize it might be worth paying attention to our families and us individuals with a disability?”

KHJ  News has already reported on the views of the team of Lolo Matalasi Moliga and Lemanu Peleti Mauga on Stanley’s question.

Candidate for governor, Tuika Tuika, explained his credentials which would guarantee  that the needs of the those with special needs will be accommodated ….but the government must first be cleaned of corruption.

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Candidate for Lt. Governor Larry Sanitoa, who has a special grandchild sympathized with Miss Stanley.

He said fortunately for his granddaughter, her parents moved off island for school so she’s receiving the best of care.

Sanitoa added that being a board member for Hope House which houses children with severe disabilities, he understands the challenges those committed to taking care of them, face.

Sanitoa said the government plays a  critical role played to ensure those with special needs receive assistance.

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