Court Orders Evidence Report in Substation Shooting

Defendants charged in the 2014 shooting of the police substation in Leone were in court this morning for a hearing on a motion filed by one of the defense counsels.

According to verbal statements heard in Associate Justice Lyle Richmond’s court room the Department of Public Safety appears to be holding back very important information that could help with the case.

Attorney for Manu Lefatia, Sharron Rancourt informed Judge Richmond that the evidence report for this particular case was edited and tampered with.

She claimed the report has whiteout “all over it”

The defense attorney said possible witnesses may have been mentioned but she can’t do anything because the report was “been whited out”.

Associate Justice Richmond granted the motion for an order requiring the production of the evidence report from DPS.

He also continued the trial date to await the report.

Also charged in the substation shooting are Sinapati Tu’ufa’anatu, Tuliese Taliu and Mosegi Solia.

Public funds via the Public Defender’s Office are paying for the defense of these three defendants .

Public Defender Douglas Fiaui and assistant PD’s Karen Shelly and Michael White are defending them.

Court filings suggest that the shooting of the police station was in retaliation for the arrest of Lefatia’s younger sister a short time earlier.

A police officer who was at the Leone substation had to undergo a minor operation to remove bullets from his body

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