Samoana High School Hit by Burglars/Vandals

There have been four break ins at Samoana High School over the last four days, and the culprit or culprits have stolen computers, trashed classrooms, and gone as far as defecating in one of the classrooms.

Teacher Manino Reed said the faculty are frustrated and fed up are providing information to the media in the hope that it would lead to those responsible.

She reported that there was one break in at the school just before Christmas and they thought it was a one time incident.

But from last Thursday to this morning there have been four other burglaries at Samoana.

The worst was last Thursday night …when teachers and students arrived Friday morning the English classroom was trashed and the culprit or culprits defecated in the classroom.

“It was disgusting,” said Ms. Reed.

Other classrooms which were broken into were the Science and history building, the math building and the school office.

According to Ms. Reed, computers and laptop was stolen from the Math building, and the Home Economics classroom was completely trashed.

The teacher said the school is holding an assembly today and the school administration is appealing to students to report anything they know about the break ins.

The assembly is also intended as a morale booster for the students and teachers who are feeling very bad about what’s happening at their school.

Ms. Reed said there’s strong suspicion that the perpetrators are Samoana High School students.
She didn’t want to speculate on a possible reason for students to act in such “despicable behavior.”

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