Residents Want Intruders Caught & Punished

A group of residents of Tafeta and Mapusaga fou whose homes have been burglarized and whose family members have been touched by suspects while they were sleeping, is pressing the police to find the culprits and have them punished.

The group writes to Commissioner Save Liuao Tuitele in a January 5th letter, “Perpetrator have broken into and entered our homes with knives, stepping on our children while sleeping in their beds, passing our toddles in our hallways, and touching our infants while we are sleeping.

“They have viewed pornography while in our homes from our computers. These criminals have also stolen our property, But most worrisome is that they have encountered our own and children and especially very young children who fortunately have not been physically harmed.”

According to the residents, within a two month span, from October 2015 to less than a week ago, there have been at least 10 breakins or intruders into homes.

Five of these incidents have been reported to police and the residents suspect all these crimes are by the same criminal(s) .

The group lists In their letter to the Commissioner, the names of home owners and the dates that their homes were broken into, what was taken and what happened during the break ins.

November 20, a cell phone was stolen from a car parked in the garage.

December 29 at the same home, a person scaled a lower wall to the second level of the hone and seems to have relaxed and used the daughter’s tablet to access pornographic web pages.

The suspect awoke the daughter and her boyfriend , by shinning a bright blue light as he opened the bedroom door, then fled the scene.

In another home, on October 18, an intruder was captured by s security camera after attempting to open two vehicles and entering the home before he was startled by a 3-year-old daughter as he tried to enter an older daughter’s bedroom.

On December 12, a woman thwarted the efforts of an intruder who tried to enter her home at about 2 am.

The trespasser looked through her car, and left it in disarray before opening the gate to the front walkway and shining a bright blue light into the living room window, where the homeowner was sitting.

The woman alerted her husband and the intruder had fled by the time the husband went outside looking for him.

In another home on December 30, at about 5 am, a suspect cut the screen above the 10 year old daughter’s bedroom window then climbed onto the bed stepping on the girl’s feet while holding a knife in one hand and a cell phone in the other hand as he used a flashlight.

He then took a Sony headphone from the bedroom, put it in his backpack an walked into a room where the rest of the family was sleeping.

He touched a five month old baby’s head, stole an electronic tablet lying near the baby and tried to steal a Bose speaker but it was too large for him to untangle, then walked out the front door.

The residents said there have been other incident where electronics have been taken into cars and teenagers were seen fleeing from hiding spots in the bushes in the early hours of the morning.

According to the group, some of them have invested time to try and find those responsible for these crimes.

They said they have identified the name of the person they think is the suspect as well as information that would connect the same person to other crimes.

The person was captured on surveillance video in one of the homes that was broken into.

The residents informed Commissioner Save this information has been shared with police however they have been advised that the case ‘ workload prevent them from investigating their cases any further at this time.

The residents said they fear that the culprit or culprits are comfortable and familiar with their routines and properties.

They are concerned for their and their children;;s safety particularly their young daughters and elders.

They consider the intruders and thieves burglarizing their homes to be dangerous as they are carrying and using instruments sharp enough to cut through screen wire, are viewing pornography in their homes and entering the rooms of young girls.

The residents told the commissioner, criminals like these who return to a crime scene repeatedly are no longer opportunists but either obsessed with the occupants or escalating their crimes.

“Each day and night we live in real fear for the safety of our families as long as those responsible for these crimes continued to roam freely around our neighborhood and island,” the group wrote.

They requested that the police investigation of their cases be completed as soon as possible and forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for prosecution.

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