Smuggler jailed and fined for bribery


A Chinese national who tried to bribe a senior bureaucrat will be deported after serving a six month jail sentence and paying a fine of $130,000 tālā.

District Court Judge Matautia Raymond Schuster said the attempt from Chinese national Qinping Yan to bribe a government official with $5000 tālā was serious and warrants a harsh penalty.

Yan attempted to export 202 sacks of sea cucumbers and similar species valued at $1.8 million tālā but was prevented when the Ministry of Customs and Revenue intercepted the operation.

Samoa Observer reports Yan pleaded guilty to one count of prohibited export and one count of bribing a government official connected to the incident in April 2020.

Yan went to the former M.C.R. Chief Executive Officer’s house with $5000 tālā in an attempt to have the container cleared without inspection.

He was also ordered to pay $130,000 tālā in fines for the charge of prohibited export and will be immediately deported after serving his imprisonment term.

Photo: Samoa Observer