DHSS begins issuing benefits for S-EBT June 20


The Department of Human and Social Services will begin issuing benefits for the Summer-Electronics Benefits Transfer (S-EBT) Program for qualified school aged children, Thursday, June 20.

As was announced in May, the US Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service approved American Samoa’s Plan of Operations and Management for the 2024 –Summer EBT program and awarded $2.5 million to provide nutrition benefits this summer to an estimated 14,464 school children.

The 2024 S-EBT Program is managed by DHSS’ ASNAP Division in close partnership with the Department of Education.

Only children between 5 and 18 years of age who have been verified by the Department of Education as being enrolled at any point in time in a public or private school during School Year 2023-2024 automatically qualify to receive SEBT benefits.

Moreover, although federal law that established the S-EBT Program sets a $40 per month benefit amount per child or $120 for 3 months, USDA adjusted the benefit level for American Samoa at $59 per month for each eligible child, or $177 for 3 months of the summer break.

Parents or legal guardians of qualified school children whose names appear on the official public and private school enrollment records are asked to go to the ASNAP Office according to the schedule below to pick up their S-EBT cards in order to receive the benefits for their children. The schedule is in alphabetical order based on the first letter of the last name of the parent or legal guardian. The last day to pick up the S-EBT benefits is August 30.

Unlike the Pandemic EBT Program, parents or legal guardians are not required to apply for S-EBT benefits for their children. However, they are required to bring a valid photo ID card and verify the names of their children who were enrolled at any point in time during School Year 2023-2024 before they are issued S-EBT ID cards to pick up benefits for their children.

This same S-EBT ID card is required to redeem their S-EBT food coupons at any ASNAP-authorized retail store.

DHSS advises parents or legal guardians that although their child(ren) qualifies for 2024 S-EBT benefits, they have the choice to opt-out or decline these benefits by not picking them up or contacting the DHSS ASNAP office to have their name(s) removed from the list of qualified students.

DHSS Director Muavaefa’atasi John Suisala asks all parents and legal guardians to please help the provide timely services by following the schedule.

Call the ASNAP Office at 633-7720 for additional information.