SSIC awaits documents related to TalofaPass contract


The Chairman of the Senate Select Investigative Committee, Senator Togiola Tulafono, says they have yet to wrap up their investigation of the TalofaPass system, because they have not received all documentation relating to the award of the contract to DataHouse Consulting Inc.

Togiola said that during the questioning of company President Ms. Hong Phan, she mentioned official correspondence relating to the TalofaPass contract which the committee feels it should review, but does not have.

He said the committee is awaiting these documents and the investigation, therefore, is still open.

Ms. Phan appeared before the SSIC in July, and the committee questioned her at length about how her company came into contact with ASG officials charged with coming up with a system to screen travelers for repatriation flights during the COVID pandemic, and details of the contract for TalofaPass.

At the start of the SSIC investigation, Chairman Togiola said their probe is in response to questions and complaints from the public, regarding TalofaPass. He said they cannot go on hearsay and the documents the committee has asked for are needed to establish the facts.