Catholic schools go all out for Laudato Si celebration

Students of Catholic schools, from kindergarten to high school, impressed invited guests of the Laudato Si celebration of Laudato, held today at the Fatuoaiga grounds.

The Laudato Si is an encyclical, or letter, from Pope Francis calling on everyone to take care of our home earth.

The students and teachers decorated floats, gave speeches, did Tik Tok dances, and choral reading—focusing on taking care of the environment, pollution prevention, recycling and promoting the use of natural resources. There was also a fashion show featuring clothes and ulas made from paper, colorful magazines, foam, and natural leaves and plants.

Bishop Peter Brown blessed the Laudato Si publication and copies were given to guests, including Lt. Governor Talauega Eleasalo Ale and Mrs. Marian Ale, priests, deacons, catechists and ASG officials.

The Laudato Si celebration was coordinated by Fr. Pio Afu and Sr. Palepa Aukusitino, with support from school principals and the Religious Education Program.

One of the speeches, which received much applause, was by Marist St. Francis student, Frank Wulf.

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