Election Office releases results day after midterm election


Unofficial election results from yesterday’s voting were released by the Election Office around 6:30, this morning.

The delay was because of slow results of the referendum vote coming in from some of the districts, including the largest voting districts.

15 of the 20 incumbent members of the House of Representatives are returning to the Fono after yesterday’s midterm election.

Five new faipule were elected. They are:

  • Shaun Onosai Vaa, who unseated Lavea Fatulegaee Mauga in Vaifanua
  • Malaeoletale Melesio Gurr, who won over incumbent Vailiuama Steve Leasiolagi in District 8, Fagatogo
  • Tapai Alailepule Benjamin Vaivao, who won in District 10, Maoputasi #4, whose incumbent faipule Vaetasi Tuumolimoli Moliga did not seek re-election
  • Tautoloitua Sauasetoa Ho Ching, who unseated one of the two incumbents from Ituau, District 12, Logoituau Mark Atafua
  • Fiu Johnny Saelua, who won over incumbent Andra Tereise Samoa in District 13 Fofo.

Returning to the House are:

  • Alumamalu Ale Filoalii and Fetui Fetu – Manua District 1,
  • Tiaoalii Fauagiga Sai – Manua District 2
  • Titialii Kitara Vaiau – District 4, Saole
  • Luaitaua Gene Pan – District 5 Sua, who was unopposed
  • Avagafono Tuavao Vaimaga Maiava – District 6, Sua #2 who was unopposed
  • Vailoata Eteuati Amituanai – District 7 Maoputasi #1 also unopposed
  • Vesiai Poyer Samuelu  – District 9, Maoputasi #3, unopposed
  • Tapai Alailepule Benjamin Vaivao – District 10, Maouputasi #4
  • Faimealelei Anthony Allen – District 11, Maoputasi #5
  • Manumaua Wayne Wilson – District 12, Ituau
  • Savali Talavou Ale – District 14, Alataua
  • Larry Sanitoa and Samuel Ioka Meleisea- District 15, Tuala-uta
  • Ape Mike Asifoa – District 17, Leasina, unopposed
  • Sua Alexander Jennings, Swains Island

None of the ten women candidates who ran were successful and for the first time, in two decades, there will not be a female in the House of Representatives.

Click here for the results of the American Samoa House of Representatives races, as provided by the Election Office: House of Representatives Summary.pdf

Incumbent Congresswoman Uifaatali Amata ran unopposed and is returning for another term in the US Congress: Congress-Summary