Why stop the SSIC probe? NU’UFOU INJUSTICE

Dear Editor,

We were saddened and appalled to know of the Attorney General’s advisement and decision for the Territorial Registrar to revoke the submittal of the registration of NU’UFOU by Laulii Alofa, Mike Fuiava and Tasi Mauga Asuega, 3 of the individuals that were a part of this scheme.

Only 3 submitted their registration and the other individuals were probably waiting to see how it went with these three first. Sort of, let’s watch and wait with every intention to register if all went well with the first 3. Now, before you make a judgment of our opinion, please hear us out and you will see why we believe that this was the quickest and quietest way to kill the truth of this story.

Now, we will never know the truth behind why the NU’UFOU GANG were trying to register the land under false pretenses, and what made them think that they had the right to register the land that didn’t belong to them in the first place. This is an outright injustice by the Attorney General’s Office, this Government and its Administration towards the people of American Samoa. The question is WHY? So many unanswered questions are still lingering as we still don’t have the full story.

Was the removal of the registration by TRO legal? Why didn’t the Territorial Registrars Office let the process take its due course? We all know that if this matter went to court, there was no way the NU’UFOU GANG would be able to legally win and register the land. They would also be held accountable for their actions.

The people of American Samoa will get to hear about the details of who the “OTHERS” were and also find out the mindset on the sneaky and blatant way these powerful and corrupted men operate. Now, we will never have the opportunity to know the truth because of the actions by the Attorney General, the Territorial Registrars Office, Togiola Tulafono and this Administration.

Did the Attorney General’s Office stop the process to protect Governor Lemanu and Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Roy Hall, as they were both named on the plots of land? Roy Hall is also a former Attorney for Laulii Alofa. Patolo Mageo works for the Governors Office and Sili Sataua was there but has been a shadow employee at the Office of Samoan Affairs.

We thought it was ironic that they would claim to not know or to not be a part of this scenario alongside Governor Lemanu and his insufficient excuses. Aitofele Sunia Jr. is the current Attorney for Laulii Alofa, and it was his office who paid for the posting of the ad on Samoa News. Mike Fuiava is the brother in law of Laulii Alofa, as he is married to Laulii’s sister. Tasi Mauga Asuega is the Chairman of the Board for Manumalo School which Laulii Alofa runs.

And then, there is Laulii Alofa himself, the head honcho, the one who has used his money, influence and power to subject the stupid people who are greedy and money hungry enough to do his bidding. Rumor has it that he is actually the one running this Government. People at Manumalo have witnessed the Governor, Mauga, Patolo and sometimes Mutini going up to Laulii’s house for breakfast or lunch to meet. There is also the fact that the Governor’s son works for Laulii and is living in a house that was purchased by Laulii in the Ottoville area.

So much conflict of interest and all these favors are to be compensated by giving Paramount millions of dollars in contracts of federal monies and our tax payers monies.
If you really look and think about it, everyone is linked right back to Laulii Alofa, but because this matter was shut down before it went through the proper process, no one will be held accountable. At least, if it went through the process, we would know the whole story.

Laulii and the NU’UFOU GANG has gotten away with this and didn’t have to explain themselves or suffer any consequences of their actions, yet many questions remain.

The Fono’s phony review, via Togiola Tulafono, of this matter, is telling and was a shadow coverup as it was just a way to say that the Fathers of the land were concerned and wanted to get to the bottom of things. So did they? Absolutely not! Togiola actually directed this matter to focus solely on the Registrars Office, and not on those who needed to be held accountable, so that the story will quickly go away-such is the game of politics and nepotism.

There is an absolute conflict of interest in Togiola’s involvement of this matter in so many areas. For example, Togiola also happens to be the Chairman of the TBAS Board of Directors. Lets not get started with his connection to the Governor himself.

We are saddened by the depth of corruption that is going on in our small island. Our own family is fighting against various Government Agencies and individuals who are in high positions of Government and are not doing the right thing-especially when it comes to land matters. The Office of Samoan Affairs and its Failautusi, Tasi Asuega Mauga, the Department of Commerce (DOC) and its permitting process with the PNRS Board, the Dept of Public Works and even the Attorney General’s Office, and lets not forget the politicians at the Fono and Senators who have caved to the “teutusi.”

We have a major drug problem on our island that continues to escalate, which affects the lives of young people and families of American Samoa. It hasn’t gone away, yet greedy and money hungry people are selfishly looking out for themselves and what they can get out of it. To be honest, the drug problem will never go away, no matter how many Boards are created as long as those in high places are a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

We fear for the future of our children and grandchildren and the direction our island is heading towards. The “get rich quick” scheme has reared its ugly head in American Samoa and to think that this “get rich-quick culture” is perpetuated towards the next generation is an appalling thought!

What happened to integrity and honesty? What happened to ethics? Of working hard and doing the right thing? The Bible says its the “love of money” that is the “root of all evil.” We have become a society that loves money more than we do our children and the future well-being of the generations to come. We have become a society whose hearts have grown “wax cold” and don’t care about the consequences of our actions today and how it affects the generations of tomorrow. We have become a society that are not forward-thinkers but relish in the glory of “getting all we can, while we can.”

We have become a society that dishonors God by not fearing Him, nor even have the consciousness to consider Him. Is this the future we want to hand to our children and grandchildren? Are they deserving of living their lives based on the decisions of corrupt thieves and greedy individuals? God forbid that our greatest fears will be realized and our children and grandchildren will be the beneficiaries of corruption.

People of American Samoa, don’t think that the stopping of the Registration of NU’UFOU by the Registrar and the Attorney Generals Office for Laulii Alofa, Mike Fuiava and Tasi Asuega Mauga, was the best thing that could have happened. In fact, it was the WORST thing that happened because we have short-circuited our right to know the whole truth! We have stopped the exposure of the hidden agendas and blatant lies of those who believe they are invincible and are above the law! We need to demand that this matter be taken to court so we can all find out the truth, once and for all!!

If we fail to see this through now, then hold on for deeper and wider corruption ahead. Now, is also the time to see where the Fono and Senate stand. If they don’t shake this issue up right now, again, then they are merely LINO’s (Leaders In Name Only)-No Substance, Character or Love for not only their village and district, but also for the greater good of the people of American Samoa and most of all, for the truth! Do not vote them back in this November if they are not willing to do anything about this situation because if they don’t do anything now, they won’t do anything when they are re-elected.

If your faipule has not done anything the last 2 years about drugs, corruption, Talofa Pass or pushing to vote Senators in, as well as the recent Con Con that was really designed for people of position to get money while making it seem legal, or any other issues that affects you and your family directly, please vote new people in and get rid of the ones who just make noise on re-election time.

If you want real change, then change the ones who are there right now. American Samoa, what is the lesson on this injustice? Don’t vote for people based on just words, favor, and false promises. Choose leaders based on their principles, not on their popularity.

I get it that we will never have perfect leaders, but at least we will get the ones that are willing to admit to their mistakes and move on to do better, not ones who hide their mistakes and act as if they are above the law, but most of all, choose leaders who love the people and love God. Let their actions be the driving force of your valuable decision when it comes to choosing leaders come November.

The other lesson is that we cannot continue to “hide” the truth! There will be severe consequences if we do. We need to expose the lies now! Roy Bennett quotes “We have to be honest about what we want and take risks rather than lie to ourselves and make excuses to stay in our comfort zone.”

This is also the reason why character matters when it comes to leaders and those appointed to positions of power-including a family Sa’o. The abuse of power and the entitlement position that comes with a title is pathetic when it gets to someone’s head and pocket.

There is a quote that says, “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are the people with something to hide.” NU’UFOU GANG, what do you have to hide? Governor and Administration, what do you have to hide? Fono and Senate, what do you have to hide? We, the people of American Samoa, are deserving of the whole truth!

Everywhere you look there is digging and clearing on mountainsides, lands and roadsides that is unprecedented. I thought you need special permits to do this, but obviously, with collusion going on of the Government and certain individuals, things continue on as if it doesn’t matter what we, the greater number of people think! Our island is being run by a minority of greedy, selfish and money hungry people. Certain individuals in powerful positions are making the major decisions that effects the majority of people. Sad to say, those decisions are not in the best interest of the people and it will continue if more people just sit, remain silent and not do anything about it. Stop the Stealing of our lands and money.

In closing, let’s be people that our ancestors and our future generations can be proud of. Lets expose the truth by demanding that this NUUFOU INJUSTICE IS BROUGHT TO LIGHT. Let the process take its due course. Demand that the Attorney General’s Office not interfere with the truth process! Lets not bury it in the dark alongside many other secrets and hidden agendas that only perpetuates wrongdoing and disrespect for our people and our culture.

Lets push for the Attorney General’s Office and Registrars Office to revoke their halting of the process of registration and lets demand some answers and bring to light what has been hidden. The windfarm issue will not die out but will continue to be a thorn on our side, if we don’t put a stop to it by allowing the process continue.

Lets expose the lies so that many will once again respect the office of leadership and the office of Government which is by the people and for the people!

A sad and disappointed resident