Don’t ignore the cries of those in TCF

Dear Editor,

Talofa lava. It’s with a heavy heart that I write the Leaders of ASG to please…do not ignore the cries and medical needs of our TCF Prisoners. A video of a good friend from Vaitogi, Mr. Tee Siaumau, was shared of him reaching out for immediate medical assistance for not only him, but, our TCF Prisoners whom are sick and are tested positive with COVID-19.

In his Live Video, he stated that, he was taken to LBJ Hospital and was tested positive for COVID-19 but he never received the treatment he needed. If this is indeed true, I’m truly saddened that our families and friends being housed at TCF Prison are being denied their rights to immediate medical care.

They may not be perfect individuals like many of us, but this doesn’t mean that they should be treated this way and being denied of their rights to immediate medical care.

I urge you folks, Leaders of our American Samoa Government to, please, direct your attention to their cries out for help. Please, don’t deny them of their rights, they are human beings who made mistakes in life like many of us. Please, COVID-19 Taskforce and DOH! Reach out to these Brothers and Sisters who needs immediate medical care.

The Police Commissioner should look into this, asap. This is sad, if they’re being denied their rights to immediate medical care. Senators and Faipules, please, get off of your high horse and do your jobs that the people, of Tutuila and Manu’a, voted you all in Office to do. Don’t forget that you all are Public Servants who work for the People. Less talk and more actions. With all due respect. Soifua.


Masunu Leala
(Concerned Citizen of American Samoa)