December’s Basic Food Index up 2.4%

The monthly Basic Food Index (BFI) in December registered a substantial increase of 2.4% from last month’s BFI.

Increases in the price of 10 out of twenty food commodities contributed to this month’s increase while the cost of the other ten remained constant throughout the month of December.

The ten food commodities whose prices didn’t change were soft drinks, fish, bottled water, taro, fresh milk, sausage, banana, canned tuna, bread, sugar, and mayonnaise.

The ten food commodities whose prices increased last month were chicken legs (6.1%), butter (6.1%) rice (5.4%), ice cream (2.6%), ramen (2.2%), pork spare ribs (1.6%), turkey tail (1.2%), eggs (1.9%), corned beef (1.3%).

The BFI is compiled by the Department of Commerce Statistics & Analysis Division, which surveys prices in selected stores on a monthly basis.  Seven stores were used in the December survey.