I have an obligation to speak for others

Dear Editor,

I write this letter with deep concern addressing the atrocity of how the doctors of the Department of Health (DOH) team uphold the administering of the covid shots, at any cost!

I attended a meeting held at the Manumalo Baptist School Gymnasium where the DOH addressed parents, children and the community at large lobbying for the necessity to execute the covid shots immediately for the children from five years of age and up!

According to Dr. Tufa who was leading the DOH team, these shots are needed to protect our children from the spreading of the covid 19 epidemic. I asked the question, if these vaccines are harmless and necessary, why the incentive of $100.00? To my knowledge, never in the history of vaccinations has such a thing being done, enticing parents and children to be vaccinated!

The panel members of doctors and nurses spoke of how the vaccine is so good and safe, without any statement of research from their laboratories to back up their talk. Their data was all based on hearsay from Dr. Fauci and his discoveries which are debated and questioned by doctors from all walks of life through out the world of science in the international arena.

Two specific issues to shed light upon: 1. What was the wisdom of allowing three massive pitbull dogs of weaponry, on the premise where children were roaming and sitting for this specific children care act?

The second concern for this parent and community member is this: Dr. Tufa’s wife who is Dr. Amoa, stood up and told of an incident that seriously made me doubt the integrity of all these programs. She told of a 14 year old child who came in and wanted to have the shot, but he forged his father’s signature! The father came refusing for his son to have the shot. The DOH sided with the child and gave the shot to the son anyways. Why did the DOH not insist for the child to sign his own name, if they are so convinced that this is to the benefit of the child himself then?

How is this ethical in that first of all, the son is a minor under the father’s supervision? How is the son acquitted from forging his father’s signature which is not lawful, therefore, it is a crime! Furthermore, how are the DOH doctors allowed to take part in breaking the legal code of the adult over the minor? How can the DOH doctors support the forging of signatures which is a crime? From all these absurd and irrational acts, I cannot see the logic or decency of these vaccines benefitting any person, most especially our beloved children.

I have an obligation therefore, to rise up and speak for the poor who are ill or for what ever reason they are incapable, and especially for our young children who cannot defend themselves, as it is written, “I KNOW THAT THE LORD WILL MAINTAIN THE CAUSE OF THE AFFLICTED, AND THE JUSTICE FOR THE POOR…” Amen. (PSALM 140:12)

Fatumalala Leuluaialii Al-Shehri
Nua & Seetaga, Alataua-Lua District
American Samoa.