Happy Thanksgiving from Rep Uifa’atali Amata


Congresswoman Uifa’atali Amata says in her Thanksgiving Day message, “Every year, we have many reasons to give thanks. This year, as we celebrate Thanksgiving, it is a special blessing that our islands have not faced a widespread outbreak of the virus on our shores.”

She reflected that this same time just last year, “a vaccine for Covid-19 had only been announced, but not yet widely manufactured or distributed. Many of our people were unable to return home.

“A year later, we can be thankful that much has changed, some travel options have slowly resumed, at least some sense of normalcy has been regained, and many of our people are vaccinated — the best way to avoid hospitalization, severe symptoms, or death in the event of catching this virus.”

The congresswoman continues, “While we look to God to truly sustain us, we can be thankful that American Samoa has been included in federal support and ongoing legislation, providing record funding, and leading to lasting improvements for infrastructure.

“Finally, every Thanksgiving, we cherish what matters to us most, the people in our lives. God bless each of you, and our beautiful islands! Have a happy Thanksgiving!”