It’s my choice, not the government’s

Dear Editor,

I am appalled at the LT sarcastic comment the other day in a KVZK TV press conference, referring to government mandating covid-vaccinations to those of us who are un-vaccinated, or so-called “Stragglers” in his own words. For your information LT, we are not waiting for God’s spiritual approval, for He has already given us that ultimate gift in freedom of choice.

Man, as created by God, is a being who can make choices. Unlike the rest of the physical creation, we are not a creature of instinct, reacting according to preset patterns, or following the crowd, but one who must analyze and choose discernment to do the right thing as stipulated by God’s Moral laws.

Every state in the United States of America is REQUIRED to accommodate religious exemptions because it is a federal law to do so. Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on religion. You as a lawyer should know that, for you to blatantly call for mandates against our people’s freedom of choice, when the United States has not mandated vaccines is going against of our civil liberties.

The United States was founded on the principles of individual liberty, personal privacy, and equality. Such principles ensure that each individual is free to make the most intimate decisions free from governmental interference and discrimination.

The U.S. Constitution protects a person’s freedom of choice in medical care, including the right to refuse unwanted medical treatment and rights preserving the doctor-patient relationship. The Supreme Court has long recognized a person’s constitutionally protected liberty interest in his or her own medical autonomy.

If I choose not to be vaccinated, it’s my choice not the government. It doesn’t matter if the vaccines are approved or not. I still have authority over my own body. Freedom is only found in those who stand up and fight for it. I do not want to live with fear, anger and hate being a so-called “Straggler”. And until the American Samoa government, U.S. government, WHO, CDC or FDA guarantee in writing, making drug companies and vaccine developers accountable for my family safety and the ability to sue for mal-practice liability from adverse effects from these vaccines. I and my family will continue to exercise our rights to choose not to take these jabs. Thank you and please donate my incentive $100 to charity.

Failauga P. Anoa’i