Trio said they stole because wages low

Three men are accused of stealing and selling building materials from their former employer to make up for low wages.

The trio, Chanel Galo,Solomona Sefo and Fa’aleleiga Fatalii face charges of aiding and abetting stealing, stealing, aiding and abetting embezzlement and embezzlement.

According to the government’s case the former employees of K&K Company were dissatisfied with their $5 per hour wages, believing that for the work they performed and the hours they put in, they should be paid more.

So they came up with a plan to steal building materials belonging to K&K and selling them. They distributed the money from the sales among themselves.

The owner had videos showing the three entering the premises in a vehicle before opening hours and taking boxes of tiles and thinse mortar.

Court documents said between May 2020 and January 4, 2021 the defendants allegedly stole 87 boxes of 16×16 tiles, 129 boxes of 24×24 tiles and about 29 bags of thinset mortar. The value of the stolen items was $5927.

The men are held on bail of $30,000 each.