Community help needed as repatriation efforts continue

The Covid-19 Taskforce and its Chairman Lt Governor Talauega Eleasalo Ale ask for the community’s cooperation as they proceed to execute the repatriation program.
The repatriation program was discussed at a Task force meeting on Monday where Chairman Talauega Ale reiterated that the foremost goal of the repatriation flights is to bring eligible stranded residents home while ensuring American Samoa remains COVID free.”
”While our current focus is repatriation of residents from the U.S., we also have an obligation to repatriate our stranded residents in Samoa and other parts of the world,” said a press release from the Covid-19 Task Force. “Every resident who wishes to return home from any part of the world must first register on the DOH site [] . This is the most important first step.  Without registration, we cannot help you.”
The Taskforce also advises those who  have registered on the Dept of Health site [] to be vigilant and flexible with your travel plans.
“Given the nature of this process, our DOH medical team in Honolulu may not be able to contact every confirmed traveler until a few days before the start of quarantine.  We will continue to improve this process to give sufficient lead time for our travelers,” the Taskforce advises.
It is expected that a total of 200 passengers will be traveling on the next scheduled repatriation flight from Honolulu.  The Taskforce has started the process of contacting passengers who will be arriving for intake at the quarantine site in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Waikiki Ohana East Hotel by Outrigger. All travelers must arrive at the quarantine center  no later than Thursday, February 25. Each passenger will be allowed two check-in luggage and a carry-on.  There will be no extra luggage or cargo permitted on this flight, unless approved by the Taskforce.
The outbound flight from Hawaii has been confirmed as fully booked. Travelers with general questions may reach out to (808) 852-0425 or (808) 840-3209 or via email at (emails regarding repatriation must include Flight 2 in the subject heading).
The Taskforce also discussed the Visa Flights to Apia, which allowed 26 residents to attend appointments with the US Consulate Office in Apia to renew visas for long overdue medical travel to the US.  The flights departed Monday, February 22nd and were to return  Wednesday, February 24th.  However due to bad weather the flight had to return to Faleolo.
Upon arrival in American Samoa, the visa group will be subjected to quarantine under DOH rules. They will depart American Samoa on the outbound flight to Honolulu on March 10th for medical appointments in the US.  The Taskforce expressed gratitude to Samoa Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele and the Samoa Government, and the Office of Congresswoman Uifa’atali Amata Radewagen as well as all other agencies involved in the planning to make this flight possible.
The Taskforce is planning a repatriation flight for residents stranded in Apia, Samoa.  This flight(s) is tentatively set for Tuesday March 2nd.  Further details on this flight will be made available shortly.