The Kennedy Performing Arts Center presents: Ulale P Ulale

One of the territory’s most popular musicians, Ulale P Ulale AKA Mikey, has a virtual gig on the John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts FaceBook page Thanksgiving Day.

His performance is scheduled for 10:00 am UTC as part of Arts Across America, a live performance series presented Mondays through Fridays to uplift and showcase artists from across the country.

The promo says, “The John F Kennedy Cener for the Performing Arts joins with the American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture and Humanities to present sounds of American Samoa Pt 2, featuring artists Ulale Pusi Ulale and Deeh Seiuli contributing unique musical perspectives of the Samoan soundscape.”

You can watch Ulale’s performance on or Center. Showtime 10:00 am UTC