Governor Lolo: Let go of grudges and say thanks

“In the midst of this worsening Coronavirus pandemic causing the accelerated loss of lives, long lines for food, homelessness and growing starvation, our people have been spared from all of this pain and suffering,” says Governor Lolo Moliga.

“So, there is much we are thankful for this year in spite of the health crisis that has caused so many gut-wrenching emotional, financial, and social suffedng around the world and among so many Americans including some of our residents stranded outside.”

He says there are so many reasons why American Samoa should be thankful.
-That we are free from the deadly coronavirus;
-That we have been able to select our new leaders peacefully, democratically, and orderly;
-That our men and women in the Armed Forces of the United States continue to stand watch to provide the blanket of freedom which has allowed us to live freely and peacefully;
-For the wisdom of our forefathers which made us a part of the American family from which we have received so many blessings;
-For our religious leaders and the servants of God for their perpetual vigil in prayer securing God’s blessings over American Samoa.

Governor Lolo called for letting go of any grudges but to express gratitude for what we have.

On behalf of Lieutenant Governor/Governor-Elect Lemanu Peleti Mauga, Ella and their family, along with First Lady Cynthia Malala Moliga and their family, Governor Lolo wishes the people of American Samoa a Happy Thanksgiving Day and along with the cabinet, thanks everyong for all the support they’ve received in the eight (8) years of their administration, coming to an end on January 3rd, 2021.