A day to thank God for His blessings

The leader of the Catholic Church in American Samoa, Bishop Peter Brown, expresses similar sentiments in his Thanksgiving Day message.

“This Thanksgiving, we here in American Samoa have much to be thankful for, as we hear of those who struggle with the Covid Virus, especially those who are isolated off-island away from family.

“I am reminded of the Gospel story where Jesus heals the ten who were sick but only one returned to express his gratitude and thank Jesus for His love. In times of plenty, when we see much food and rejoicing, it is very easy to forget a loving God who provides for our every need.

But with His love comes the challenge of the greatest commandment; to love God AND to love our neighbor. Jesus’ call for us to follow Him was for a purpose. So that we can see and help those around who need our care.”

Bishop Brown concludes, “Today, we return to thank God because we belong to Him. Let us not forget the strength we receive from our belonging is for one reason only, to glorify His name through our loving service to our brothers and sisters in need.

“May God Bless you all this Thanksgiving!”