Samoa to receive NZ test result Friday

It will be some time tomorrow (Friday) that the results of the coronavirus test being conducted in New Zealand of the Samoan sailor who tested positive then negative for the virus will be known.

This is according to Samoa’s Director General of Health Leusa Dr Take Naseri who told KHJ News this afternoon that the sample left on the weekly cargo flight by Air New Zealand that left Faleolo Airport st 2:30pm Samoa time.

He said the swab will be transported from Auckland Airport directly to the ESR Lab in Wellington City for testing, with a blood sample to follow.

The Samoa Director General says the test result should be known sometime tomorrow.

Leausa explained that in total there were three negative results and one positive for the 23 year old sailor who had traveled from Europe via Dubai and New Zealand a week ago today.

He had a negative test result in Italy before departure, tested negative upon arrival at Faleolo Airport and negative again yesterday morning.

The one positive coronavirus test he received was the day before yesterday while in quarantine.
Leausa said the sailor is in isolation at Motootua Hospital and he is asymptomatic , not showing any symptoms of coronavirus.

His roommate at the quarantine site in Samoa, was also taken to the hospital even though he hasn’t tested positive, just as a precautionary measure.