Local Stevedores Will Now Offload/Load Fesco Askold


Agreement has been reached between all parties involved on a process to speed up the off loading and loading of containers from the vessel Fesco Askold which had 3 crew members who have tested positive for coronavirus.

Following a meeting between the Department of Health, Port Administration and representatives of the vessel, it has been agreed that local stevedores will now run the operation, which has been handled by the ship’s crew from Thursday till today.

DOH Epidemiologist Dr Aifili John Tufa says it was agreed at this morning’s meeting
that the vessel’s crew will remain in their quarters on board until the loading and unloading of containers is completed.

All stevedores involved with the Fesco Askold operation will not go home but will be housed at a Department of Health designated facility. Once all inbound containers are removed and containers headed for the US are loaded, the stevedores will be quarantined and tested on a later date before being released.

Harbor Maritime is handling stevedore services for the vessel.

KHJ News understands that the aim of local authorities, the agents and the owners of the vessel is to have the Fesco Askold leave port by tomorrow or Wednesday.

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